HAE – Korean Barbecue

HAE (Korean for sun) is a barbecue, designed for the german gastronomy. The idea came into being in Korea, where indoor barbecue is already a standard.

How it works:

As soon as the guests sit down, the waiter brings the barbecue and lights the coals. During a maximum of 15 minutes waiting time the guests choose their menu and enjoy an aperitif. Once the coal is hot the guests can start to grill. In case the coal is cooling down, but the guests still want to grill, the the coal can be hung closer to the grillage by lifting the ring handle and rotating it by 90°. After the guests leave the waiter takes out the used grill for cleaning. A fresh grill can be inserted directly so the table is ready for new guests without any waiting time.

The hull is covered in leather from the outside and lined by ceramic fabrics, used for ovens, from the inside. The color of the leather and seams can be chosen individually to match the restaurant concept.